About The Beast

The Beast Electric Hunting Vehicle is a registered trademark of Golf Cart World Customs based in Johnson City, Tennessee. Golf Cart World, Inc was started by Tim, Ted, and Roger Moore in a rural area of Dodge County Georgia. In the beginning we built an 18-hole golf course in 1991. We then bought 50 used electric carts for our course. We learned how to repair our electric carts by trial and error. In 1995 we traded our electric carts for gas models. Again, we learned how to repair the gas carts as a side effect of ownership. In a golf course situation, if your carts do not run, then you are not making money!

In 2000 we wanted to trade our 1995 EZGO gas carts. EZGO did not want to give us a fair price for my trades so we decided to sell them ourselves. We put an ad in our local Shopper’s Guide and the rest was history.

Golf Cart World, Inc was started 17 years ago as Pine Bluff Cart Sales. Later we changed our name to Golf Cart World Customs and since have become one of the largest wholesalers and distributors of custom electric hunting and gas carts by EZGO. Aside from our Beast product line, we also built affordable neighborhood carts known as the Cruz Cart.

We have always been avid hunters with the good fortune of having a hunting vehicle to take us on our hunts. Sometimes we would build carts that were gas, sometimes electric. We would always drive them with the goal in mind of how we could make them better, faster, and with more torque, or with a smoother ride. Some of our prototypes worked well while others didn’t. After 10 years of building quality custom gas and electric hunting vehicles, we decided to put all our knowledge and experience together and built The Ultimate Hunting Buggy better known as The Beast 48™ Electric Hunting Vehicle.

We introduced the 36 volt model in February 2008 in Atlanta Georgia at The National Wild Turkey Federation Show. From that day forward we listened to our dealers and their customers who agreed they wanted more power and torque. In September 2008 we added The Beast 48™ to our product line. That was the best decision we could have made. Our sales picked up 80% and we added new dealers. In early 2009 Ted and I discussed some issues regarding these vehicles and decided to make improvements that were necessary for future growth.

We also understood that our 48 volt model was the most popular of our product line so we added some new standard features including a bigger, more powerful 12HP D&D Motor (the strongest on the market), headlights and taillights, front basket and a water-resistant On-Board Charger manufactured by Delta-Q. We did all this without a price increase in 2009.

In July 2009 we introduced a new and improved The Beast 48™ Electric Hunting Vehicle at The World Deer Expo in Birmingham Alabama. Sales for ’09 far exceeded our expectations and we had a banner year even though our economy was the worst in decades. After a three year run with The Beast 48™, we decided to add Independent Front Suspension and longer range batteries creating The Beast HD. We developed The Beast Extreme for even longer range, i.e. 35+ miles. The Beast Extreme is a cart with maintenance-free AGM batteries that are packed with tremendous range and battery life.

In 2013, we started developing and testing a 4WD Beast vehicle. After months and months of testing, we decided to introduce The Beast 4×4. We know we have the smoothest, quietest, most powerful 4×4 on the market today.

We also developed and introduced The Beast Cage System in 2013. A 2” all-aluminum cage system that incorporates the front brush guard (with winch plate & 2” receiver hitch), front basket, seat kit/cargo box combo with tailgate, head rests, arm rests, gun racks, foot guards, grab handles and aluminum top with cargo rack for extra storage. All of this is in one system and can be added to any of our Beast Models. When adding our cage system to a Beast Model, it becomes one of our Limited Edition Models and the meanest looking hunting vehicle in the field you’ll see.

In addition to the newer items added in 2013, we made some upgrades that made our customers happy. Under the hood, we made the following upgrades: A new 600 AMP Controller by Navitas, 15.9 hp motor, & Dual Pro On-Board Charger. Making these changes as well as using 8v NAPA Batteries, has given our electric hunting vehicles more stack, more copper, more torque, & more power. If you like climbing hills, our BEAST line will do the job. These vehicles also come ready to upgrade to 4×4 anytime you’re ready to take the next step.

No matter if you are just a weekend hunter or a hardcore professional hunter, we have a vehicle for you. We are extremely proud of product line and our dealers and customers are as well. We have sold thousands of vehicles and have thousands of satisfied customers. We feel like that’s incredible. I can’t say I know of any other vehicles manufactured that can claim the same. If you want curb appeal, power, speed, torque all at an affordable price, contact us or see one of our dealers and take a test drive then you’ll know why we call it The Beast.

The Beast is proudly made right here in America and most of our parts are proudly made in America too.